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Face Book Marketing is the major Digital Marketing platform in the world. Because more than 85% of people are using face book. Interim of more than 50% of people highly active on face book. Through the face book marketing can achieve following things within short period.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Improve Sales

With experience, SATASME SRI LANKA, is able to help for all kind of people to improve their sales more and more. As a Digital Marketing Agency and Software Development company we will educate to the people all the new Face Book marketing concepts.

Brand Awareness & Improve Sales

Face book provides many marketing things. Ex: Video ads, Image ads, Corasol Ads, Slider Ads etc. Through this easily can get inquiries, sales, brand awareness etc. But we are not only depending on these kind of activities. Because without unique identity any kind of company is not able to stick in high level Because Digitally there is a so many competition.

Hence SATASME, We are doing Face Book Marketing with new concepts, new styles. We are helping to the people viral their products and services on face book. Sri Lanka, There are so many digital marketing agencies, but they all are doing basic face book marketing. But SATASME is doing face book marketing with long time concepts. That’s the secret of SATASME customer’s success.

We will teach you one thing you can use this method for your business and you can identify the difference.Click the following link and watch the video. Surely you can get a proper idea what we are saying.

නත්තල විකුණනගෙන තම ව්‍යාපාර ඉහලට ගෙනියන්න දාගලන බොහෝ ව්‍යාපාර අතරේ මංචි බිස්කට් වෙතින් සැබෑ නත්තල වෙනුවෙන් ඔබට මට ගෙනා ඒ අර්ථවත් පණිවිඩය

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